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Inner-city demolition: our experience

Struijk Sloopwerken has ample experience in special and complex conditions, including inner-city demolition works. Expecially inner-city demolitioon has a large number of factors that must be taken into account. Having decades of experience in demolition works, we are familiar with the complexity of this scenario. If sound or dust disturbance during demolition is undesirable, we can isolate the object completely.

Demolition in small spaces

Also in the case of demolition works in small spaces with special safety conditions, we have proven to be able to do a perfect job as a demolition company.

One example is demolition in a bunker in Noordwijk. The bunker houses a museum. Demolition works was necessary for the construction of a block of toilets in the bunker. On the photo to the left u see our mini crane with skewer. The mini crane is provided with direct dust extraction at the source. Additional dust extraction is employed and the concrete is kept wet.

Demolition robot

Furthermore, we have an electric demolition robot. We use the Brokk 40 on location where noise nuisance of compressors is undesirable, or where space is very limited. To the right is a video during the demolition of a hospital.

Dust control

The forming of dust on the demolition site can be limited to such an extent with nebulized water jets that the surroundings are not disturbed. We use a water cannon with which water will be sprayed on the parts to be demolished wherever possible. Our cranes also have water sprinklers to keep the demolition site wet.

Our dust control cannon is a stand-alone operating unit provided with special water nozzles that uses c. 80 % less water than regular dust control devices. Besides, this unit is provided with a legionella prevention system.

Certified demolition works

Demolition is our trade and we have the required knowledge and accompanying certificates, including ISO 9001, SVMS-007 and VCA-Petrochemics. With our experience in demolition work, we are able to implement any project efficiency and high quality. As we work only with our own equipment and staff, and are critical when choosing a partner, we can guarantee punctual and high-quality work as a demolition company.

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