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Struijk: proven expert in asbestos removal

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Struijk: Proven expert in asbestos removal.

Asbestos removal requires a safe approach by a certified company. Only then your are sure of an adequate solution to any health risks. For that reason, choose for a dependable asbestos remover who has proven himself with asbestos removal in complex projects. As a nationwiede operating company, Struijk Milieu offers the certainty of careful asbestos removal by expert and well-trained employees.

Roadmap Asbestos Removal

Read the document Asbestos Removal Roadmap before inquiring after prices. You can also get information from the government.

Certified asbestos removal

Struijk Milieu has the Process Certificate Asbestos Removal and is fully familiar with the precautions for asbestos removal. All employees and asbestos removers are trained in working with personal protection equipment and removal and disposal of asbestos.

Asbestos removal in demolition works

Struijk Milieu has the right solution for all situations. In many (demolition) situations, especially in office buildings, schools and power stations the presence of asbestos must be taken into account. If asbestos is found, there are health risks. In that case the work must be carried out very carefully by expert workers.

Many years of experience

Struijk Milieu has many years of experience with a wide variety of projects in asbestos removal. Following detailed guidelines and adequate collection and disposal of any asbestos present is familiar territory for us. Removal of the very hazardous air-placed asbestos has no secrets for us either.

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