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Struijk: Big in special projects!

The specialist in demolition works for many years, from Rotterdam to the Hague and beyond.

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Struijk: No demolition project too complex

Struijk Sloopwerken is a highly experienced demolition company in the Rotterdam region, but also active in The Hague, Amsterdam and beyond! We are employed for a great variety of civilian and infrastructural, architectural and specialist demolition projects, varying from refineries to bridges, but also hospitals and houses. Of course we also do stripping of buildings or renovation and small demolition works.

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Sustainable and high-quality demolition

Duurzaam sloopwerkStruijk is one of the first demolition companies practicing sustainable and socially responsible demolition works. We not only separate the materials released for recycling, we also limit the emission of CO2 and particulate matter during the demolition process. For the execution of demolition projects we have the SVMS-007 certificate for safe and environmental demolition.

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