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Struijk: expert in civilian and infrastructural demolition works

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Specialist in infrastructural and civilian demolition works

Our demolition company has ample experience with complex infrastructural and civilian demolition projects. Bridges, viaducts and tunnels are just a few examples that have been demolished by us efficiently and expertly. Often, these demolition projects must be carried out within a short time frame during a temporary closure. Struijk has shown several times through solid preparation, a tight schedule and use of the right equipment that it is specialized in this.

Struijk has demolished bridges and viaducts on the works below:

  • 4 viaducts and 4 culverts for the enlargement of the A2 motorway
  • 12 viaducts for the enlargement of the road network for the 2nd Coentunnel in Amsterdam
  • 1,500 meters of sound barrier for adjustment of the road network for the 2ndCoentunnel in Amsterdam
  • 4 viaducts, 2 bridges and a few hundred meters quay wall Utrecht CS - Lunetten
  • Adjustment viaducts and bridges for the reconstruction of the N57 Middelburg.
  • 1,400 meters of concrete platform roofs at CS Rotterdam.
  • Passengers’ tunnel CS Rotterdam, c. 2,500 m3 of concrete.

Limit disturbance

If disturbance is undesirable during demolition, we can, for instance, install mudguards for the traffic. If the roads below must not be damaged, we can protect them completely. And if hazardous substances are present in the object to be demolished, we can remove these safely and without risk for the environment. Minimum sound, vibration and dust pollution?

Struijk has its own bolt cutter of Okade. Through the use of the bolt cutter, vibrations and thus disturbance are greatly reduced. The bolt cutter has a jaw opening of no less than 180 cm and can handle the heaviest concrete constructions. On the photo on the left the cutter is seen in action during the demolition of the metro tunnel of Rotterdam Central Station.


Struijk has its own pontoons which are used for collecting rubble during the demolition of bridges. On the photo to the right a bridge in The Hague is demolished and the rubble is collected.

Certified demolition works

Demolition is our trade and we have the required knowledge and accompanying certificates, including ISO 9001, SVMS-007 and VCA-Petrochemics. Fully certified for carrying out any infrastructural demolition project efficiently and high-quality. As we work only with our own equipment and staff, and are critical when choosing a partner, we can guarantee punctual and high-quality work as a demolition company.

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